Steps To a Healthy Goldfish

Fishes are adorable pets to have. They don’t just look good but are also an amazing companion. It would not be wrong to say that you can be best friends with your pet fish and talk for hours after returning from work. Pets become our family and that’s why we never compromise with their care. If you own a pet fish you know how important it is to take good care of them. Unlike dogs and cats, their daily need is not just-food. There are many things that a fish owner should know in order to maintain the health of the pet.

Goldfishes are one of the most demanded fishes and that is because of their looks. These fishes look unique and they give a charm to your house. Below are some essential points you as a fish owner should know.


Tanks are the house of goldfish that’s why it is important to pay special attention to them. For single goldfish, a tank with a capacity of 20 gallons is sufficient. As the number of fishes will increase, 20 gallon capacity per fish will also increase. A mature goldfish can grow up to 6-8 inches in length that’s why you have to buy a bigger tank for just one fish. An important point to know is that goldfishes love to swim a lot that’s why you should choose a longer tank rather than a taller one.


Goldfishes are very dirty fish. They create more mess than any other fishes. Goldfishes have small systems and organs that’s why they process their food easily and quickly. Due to this, these fishes create a lot of waste. If all of the waste is not cleaned at the right time it can cause a lot of harmful diseases to the fishes in the tank. Goldfishes often require tank cleaning and it is hard for us to clean it after every couple of hours. Tank filters solve this problem easily. All you have to do is fix the filter in the tank and will purify the water. The filter for the goldfish tank should be either Hang on the Back (HOB) or the canister and move at least ten times the water per house as the tank’s size. For easy explanation, if the tank has a capacity of 10 gallons then the speed should be 100gp and if the take is of 20 gallons then the speed should be 200 gph.

Setting up a new tank

It is important for you to know how to set a new tank if it is the first time you bought a fish and decided to pet it. Since goldfishes love rock picking, you should have some rock and a bit of sand in the tank. Having live plants for survival is also essential. Only sand or bare bottom should be put inside the tank as they minimize the risk of choking and are easier to clean. Before putting the rocks inside the tank, you should make sure that they are nicely cleaned as they might be covered with debris which can be harmful to fishes. After adding the rock in your tank, it is time to pour water into it. We would recommend you to add a dechlorinator.

This could be the case that a new fish you bought from the store may have any kind of bacterial disease. If you will place that fish in the water with other sea animals then they would also get infected. That’s why you should keep new fish in a separate tank for a couple of weeks to see if the fish is sick/infected or not.

Light and heater

Every creature needs light to live and fishes are not exceptions. Your water plants will also need light for their survival. If you ask us, do goldfish need a heater?, then we would not say a strong yes. Heaters are not important for goldfishes; all gold fishes can survive in temperature from 78 degrees F to a really low one. Goldfishes who are slim-bodied can bear water temperature just below its freezing limit. But there are some gold fishes that cannot tolerate the temperature lower than 55 degrees F. You may require to use a heater only in case you want to keep your tank at a constant temperature.

Additives in water

It is important to add some water detoxifying or conditioning elements in the water while setting up a new tank. These elements will help to remove all the toxins that are present in the water. Few elements like chlorine, chloramines, and trace are present in all tap water. These things might not be harmful to humans in small quantities but they can harm fishes.

Other water supplies may have additional elements that can be fatal for fishes. There are two types of water detoxifiers or conditioners. Dechlorinators help the water to get rid of the elements like chlorine, chloramines and trace elements. Some of these are NovAqua+ and StressCoat. Many of them also help in protecting the slime coat of fish. The other group of detoxifiers helps don’t only neutralize chlorine and trace elements but also helps in neutralizing ammonia temporarily.


If you want to add some plants in the tank you should go for it. But you should know that goldfishes are nibbles and they will nibble the pants, which is good for a goldfish. Due to this habit of goldfish, you cannot expect the plants to live for a longer time. The only way to save the plants is by selecting those plants that are not goldfish’s favorite. Plants like Java ferns and grass-like plants are safe. If you don’t want to invest too much in the looks of a tank, plastic or silk plants are a cheap alternative. Make sure plants that are sharp and pointy should not be put in the tank.

It is a good idea to decorate the tank but one thing that you should make sure is that anything you put inside the tank should not have rough or sharp edges. Anything that might lose its color is also not recommended.