Computer Networks And it’s type

Computer Networks are an interconnection of multiple computers linked to each other and allow their data and applications. Computer services are called serviços informatica in Portuguese. There are many types of computer networks. They are classified according to their size as well as their usage and purpose. The most popular networks are:

  • PAN
  • LAN
  • MAN
  • WAN

Personal Area Network (PAN):

PAN Is the most important computer Network. It is used to interconnect electronic devices, centred towards individual Person workspace. Personal Area Network is if two types of wired Personal Area Network and Wireless Personal Area Network. Wireless PAN is connected through signal like Bluetooth. Wired PAN is connected via cables like USB. PAN Is mainly used at home, offices, Medical Institutions. PAN networks are safe and secure. PAN cannot be used in small areas. The main flaw is PAN has distance lint. It cannot be used for long distances.

Local Area Network (LAN):

A local area network is a computer Network that interconnects computers, in a limited area. This Network is used within the building or compartment. This is used to share files, games, printers, and other data. LAN is used as one type of transmission medium. An outside regulatory will not control it because it is a private network. LAN is a faster speed compared to another system. LAN reduces the cost of hardware. The main disadvantage of LAN is the installation cost high. The assurance for data security couldn’t be given because unauthorized users could access critical data.

Wide Area Network ( WAN):

A wide area network comprises a large geographic area. As the name insists wide. Large geographic areas like cities, states or countries. It can be connected both public and private. This connects many Local area Networks via ISPs. Although VPNs could provide security are mange if fibre optic cables. The biggest disadvantage is it is difficult to maintain. There will be more errors to the wide coverage of the area.

Metropolitan area network (MAN):

MAN is a computer network that connects an entire city, college. Similar to LAN it is limited to a single building. The advantage is It is used for faster communication and high speed. The drawback is this needs high speed. The drawback is this needs a mire cave to establish. This is highly insecure and can be hacked easily.

There are many other computer Networks like WLAN, SAN and so on WLAN is another kind of wireless local area network. It connects single or multiple devices. Storage Area Network allows considered block-data storage, system Area network as a single system with high speed.

Future of computer networks:

Computer Networks become indeed in our part of life. Technology is advancing every day These are basic forms of computer Networks. Computer technology is challenging every day and understanding is not that easy to fit with trends. New ideas and better networks are developed every day. As the generation become smarter the technologies become smarter But the development towards it is very necessary. There are poor system, which tends to hacking security is the key concern. The process to protect data must be developed. Must hope the IT sector provides secure and safe Computer Networks in the future.