Cool Purchase For the Med Purchases

The purchase and sale of medicines on the internet is a legal business and authorized by law in this country. It presents a suitable solution for seniors, especially those with reduced mobility. Moreover, the number of Internet users who use online pharmacies for delivery is increasing rapidly. However, getting your medicine on the internet is still risky for many seniors who do not know the difference between authorized and unscrupulous sites. To purchase oxycodone online you will not have to know the whole process now.

The senior health magazine lists useful tips to avoid falling into the trap of counterfeit drugs and gives an idea of ​​the harm caused by some pharmaceutical products over the counter.

How to buy your medicines on the internet safely?

The purchase of medicines on the internet is legal under two main conditions:

  • The online pharmacy must be attached to a physical pharmacy with the agreement of the Regional Health Agency concerned.
  • Only non-prescription medicines that exist in the list of the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM) can be marketed.

In addition, other benchmarks allow seniors to recognize fraudulent sites and counterfeiting:

Check if the proposed prices do not show large deviations from those in conventional pharmacies.

Pay attention to the presence of prescription drugs such as insulin, antidepressants, etc. Online pharmacies have the right to market only those over the counter. Contact the administrator by e-mail and see if he answers the questions asked in a timely manner.

Look for the telephone number for the after-sales service and make a call. This makes it possible to verify the existence of a follow-up and the accent of the interlocutor. Cancel the purchase if it is a foreign language.

Controller if the payment page is secure.

The last inspection is done when the medicines are delivered. It is important to check the postage stamp upon receipt of the order. It indicates the country of shipment of the parcel if it comes from Asia to 98% it is counterfeit.

The senior magazine informs that some mutual offer services for the delivery of home medicines dedicated to insured persons with reduced mobility. This can replace the use of pharmacies on the internet and eliminates any risk. In this case, make free quotes on the website to discover them.

Buying drugs on the internet: What are the advantages over traditional pharmacy?

Buying drugs on the internet has several advantages. To know:

No need to move: Some people are mobility impaired, or live far away from pharmacies. The Internet allows them access to virtual pharmacies.

More privacy: Many patients avoid consulting the neighborhood pharmacist if they feel disgraceful, such as hemorrhoids or buying condoms, this problem is solved with online sales.

The importance of digital ergonomics: in just a few clicks, it is easy to find the right medication for the specific needs of the buyer, depending on:

  • Symptoms detected
  • The age of the person
  • The form of the medicine tablet, pills, sachets to be diluted, etc.

Cheaper prices: Some prices of over-the-counter medications are set by the pharmacists themselves. Buying online allows you to make price comparisons and find the cheapest item. However, it is necessary to pay attention to abuse from 2 to 10 $ more.