Invest in brick: why do it? Your Options

The real estate sector has gone through particularly difficult years following the economic crisis. However, the signals coming from the market in recent times, confirmed by expert analysis, have highlighted a decidedly positive trend. The favorable estimates, therefore, could make real estate investments an excellent opportunity for income. The use of Meridian ID Real Estate Market Report comes easy.

To benefit from the situation will be, first and foremost, investments in real estate with guaranteed income. This segment seems literally destined to take off over the next decade. Do you have a sum of money, and do you want to invest in the “dear and old brick”? An investment property when it is convenient? If you’re wondering what the best time is to take action, this article will help you find out.

Real estate market when investing; the current situation

Today, the real estate sector is characterized by the price of housing, which has reached historic lows. It is precisely the collapse of prices that makes buying a home very affordable. Our country has a large number of properties from north to south. And with such a vast offer, the chances of doing good business increase. Furthermore, due to economic difficulties, several families are looking for immediate liquidity, seeing themselves forced to sell their homes.

Keep in mind another data, related to tourism. Our country continues to attract visitors from all over the world and, from this point of view, it still enjoys excellent health. Another aspect, closely related to the previous one, is the success of portals such as “Home Away” and “Airbnb”. These last ones have become a real point of reference for those tourists, more and more numerous, who prefer to stay, during the holidays, in an apartment instead of in a hotel. By investing in a property you will have the opportunity to exploit this new “channel”, which is definitely profitable especially for those who reside in the cities of art.

The presence on the territory of a considerable number of universities must not be forgotten, many of which enjoy international fame, so much so as to be considered among the best in the world. Every year there are many students having decided to move to another city, go in search of an apartment in which to reside. What factors will you need to consider before making a real estate investment? Surely you will not have to underestimate the tax duties. Consider that the income generated by the property is taxable and, therefore, is subject to taxation.

Guaranteed income investments

Previously, a brief mention was made of the great possibilities offered by guaranteed income investments. This term defines real estate investments made with the aim of obtaining a guaranteed income over the years. Whether it is a lease or the purchase of a home, this type of investment has all it takes to prove to be very fruitful. The money obtainable from the rent of a house represents a secure income; this also taking into account that, especially in large urban centers, the value of the property will tend to increase, in most cases, over the years. If, on the other hand, you intend to purchase a property for residential purposes, thanks to a guaranteed investment you will ensure, if not a profit, an opportunity to save.