Skill development for everybody

The Marathas rose to power during the days of Shiva. He was described the mountain rat by one of the historians. He gave trouble to the Mughal rulers. He was born in a hill-fort shiver. A lot of members interested in the archery tag . long age mostly kings have used the method. archery tag is a good skill. they are first attacked the Bajpur fort Torn in when he was only years of age his success and the booty, he got made him attack others forts Raigarh. The sultan of Bijou arrested attacks sometimes. A portion of Karnataka was also included Shiva died in age. archery tag is the best motivation for everyone.

He was both a successful and an able administrator he stabled an independent Maratha kingdom and set up an able government. central government his government approved and provide the archery tag. the king was the supreme head. there were ministers known as he was in charge of general administration and welfare of the people. the provincial accounts were under the control of the was the commander in chief. Pandit Rao was the religious advisor who was the chief justice. the provincial government raised a permanent was efficient well equipped and well trained he had a fleet of ships forts. the soldier’s salary was paid in cash. Military administration raised a permanent was he collected of the total produce as land revenue was to be paid in cash. one-fourth of the revenue as to make the Maratha solders help them in time of war.


Its citizen’s justice liberty and equality and equality fraternity. thus, our constitutions provide an independent judiciary to interpret the constitution. the center is rested with the representative from states. the unitary spirit and federal form of government at nature stats where the states can also circular the function of the center with the representative from sates. the citizens of India can be classifications under two categories good citizens and bad citizens a good citizen can honestly contribute a lot to the welfare of the country. a good citizen will have the qualities. the government of India grants citizenship to certain categories of is given only to those who want citizenship should give up his citizenship of India are not accepted as information. the person who wants citizenship should either reside in India or serve the government of India for at last one year immediately preceding .during the seven years preceding the one year he should have resided in India or should have been in the service of the on the certain national institution the people .the citizens of India union. indulges in violence. causes damage to the public property of others. smuggles accumulator’s black money and included in corruption. disturbs the peace in all walks of life. In the Indian constitution is a democratic government is feral in structure but unitary in nature. rulers and the ruled. it is a preventative form of government it promotes. the citizen has to safeguard the constitution. archery tag is the best attitude development process and good skill and best freedom work.