The best type of RUGS

Woollen rugs happen to be one of the most popular types of flooring in the world. As we all know, wool is gotten from the fleece of lambs, which makes it one of the oldest fibres used by man, dating back over two thousand years. It’s pretty obvious that wool is still one of the finest fibres used for flooring in rugs, and many homeowners swear by it to this day.

Well, before getting your wool rug, here are a few feel good points.

Excellent Dirt Hiding Capability

One of the best advantages of a woollen rug is its ability to hide soil. In essence, wool will not show dirt as other fibres owing to the fact that wool is an opaque fibre. This is why wool is better than synthetic fibres. Also, since wool is an opaque fibre, light makes the dirt harder to see. So, even if dirt is on your rugs, you’ll have a hard time noticing it in wool thanks to the naturally dull appearance offered by the scale of the epidermis. Hence there is a point to say that rugs made of wool feel better .

Made Naturally

If you’ve always preferred natural items over synthetic ones, wool rugsing should be your number choice for your home or office. Since wool is derived from the fleece of lambs, it’s a no-brainer to know that it’s completely natural. Also, most people tend to prefer this kind of rugsing because of how soft it feels.

Strong, Elastic and Resilient

Wool yarn tends to be robust and elastic. High-quality wool rugs are sure to withstand the heaviest traffic and still maintain its beautiful looks.

It’s Inflammable

Another big thing people love about wool rugs is its capability to resist flames. There is a high chance that you may never have a fire in your home, but many corporate offices and organizations install wool rugs in their buildings to be on the safer side. In essence, its resistance to fire is more like a safety measure in the event of a fire emergency.

It’s An Excellent Insulator

During the chilly winter months, you’ll surely be glad you choose wool rugs. Wool rugs work well as an insulator for your home as it has the ability to trap heat and keep the room warm even if it’s freezing outdoors. The natural crimp in wool is what makes it an excellent insulator.

Responds To Cleaning

Another thing is that wool responds well to cleaning as moisture tends to make the fibre swell and release soil and dirt.

100% wool rugs are hand-woven with natural materials, while synthetic rugs are hand-tufted with the most durable but cost-effective materials. A wool rug can last for 50 years or more. Wool rugs are flame resistant, while the chemicals in synthetic rugs might make them highly flammable

A sturdy natural fibre, wool rugs are generally a more expensive option. This is because wool rugs last for decades, are highly durable, and keep their colour and pattern over time. As a material, a rug made of wool will have a more soft and plush texture than its synthetic counterparts

Wool rugs just feel better. This fabric moderates its temperature throughout the year, so it’s warm in the winter and cool in the summer to satisfy all year ‘round. The soft fibres can even help with joint and pain stiffness. You’ll love sliding your shoes off at the end of a rough day and running your toes through the soft, natural feel you just can’t get with a synthetic fibre.