The Right Steps for the Best Sports Options

In connection with this year’s World Cup, Nielsen delved into the data on the largest sport in the world. The incredible reach of soccer and its popularity among many nations and cultures around the world makes it unparalleled in terms of value for media and advertisers. The Nielsen study conducted in 18 major markets shows that soccer focuses the interest of over 40% of the population, leaving the closest rivals far behind. For the use of the tickets to madrid at home happen to be perfect here. However, you will need to know the best details here, and that is the reason that you will have the best deal. This is the smartest detail for you.

The Options

For television, it means huge audiences, for social media, the influx of followers, and increased user involvement, exceeding activity on the profiles of music or television stars. Christiano Ronaldo currently has more followers in social media than Beyonce or Selena Gomez. Events such as the World Championships in Russia are especially the time of the explosion of activity in social media, not only from the players but also sponsors, marketers, teams and many other participants competing for the main prize of the championships, the audience.

The Brands for You

Brands engage more and more budgets in their visibility during soccer events, as it is practically an investment with a certain return. As the results of Nielsen’s survey show, soccer fans, often regarded as hostile commercialization of this sport, show greater acceptance and understanding of sponsorship as the entire population. Almost 57% of those interested in soccer acknowledge that companies involved in sponsoring soccer gain from their opinion in their eyes.

The Best Soccer Options

Soccers also do not miss some of the most important trends that are currently visible on markets around the world, such as the ever-stronger equality and the boom on computer games. From year to year, the popularity of women’s sports and the involvement of women in cheering increases. Although only 31% of women declare their interest in soccer, 70% of them consider the World Cup as “very attractive.” So it is an opportunity for soccer to increase its reach among this group.

The Other Details

On the other hand, brands such as EA Sports or FIFA use the popularity of soccer by developing various formats of electronic sports. Video games have become one of the main points of contact between soccer fans and the sport itself. The FIFA game is a global phenomenon, according to Nielsen’s 2018 data, 66% of active gamers in the United States and 83% in the United Kingdom are aware of the existence of this game.

  • Soccer is constantly evolving and changing, adapting to new global trends and progressive expectations of fans. Having the position of the largest sport in the world cannot rest on its laurels, because competition from other sports is huge. The key is, therefore, to make good use of events such as the World Championships to strengthen your position and further expand your reach.