Things that should not be flushed down your toilet

Baby wipes, paper towels, and nappies are only a few of the things that people flush down their toilets regularly, oblivious to the fact that they might be clogging their drains.

ABlocked Drain Southend is inconvenient for everyone, particularly those who are too busy to wait for anyone to come out and repair it. So why take the chance of clogging your drain?

We’ve seen a lot of stuff that should never have been flushed down the toilet, whether by mistake or on purpose.

Many people don’t know what should and shouldn’t be flushed. Consequently, we have assembled a list of all the things you can stop flushing.

1.Dental Floss

Since dental floss is so lightweight, many people believe they can flush it down the toilet. This is a  big mistake because floss is not biodegradable and can cause a lot of problems if a lot of it is flushed together. It can wrap itself around other artifacts in your pipeline, quickly turning minor clogs into major ones.

You should toss it in the trash right away!

  1. Kitchen Roll/Paper Towel

Paper towels and kitchen rolls are bigger and thicker than regular toilet paper, and there’s no better way to learn this than by flushing them down the toilet.

They do not decompose in the same way as toilet paper and can clog your drains seriously.

  1. Litter for cats

We can see why some people would think it was appropriate to flush their cat’s waste down the toilet – after all, it’s just a tiny amount of urine. Cat litter, unfortunately, includes clay and sand, all of which can never be flushed.

Cat waste includes chemicals and parasites that are dangerous to have in your drain system, which many people are unaware of. So, while you’re cleaning your cat’s litter box, toss it in the trash or recycle it properly.

  1. Prescription drugs

When flushing medicine, clogs aren’t the main problem; the harm it can do to our water supply is. You may believe you are doing the right thing by flushing unnecessary medicine down the toilet, stopping it from falling into the bad hands. However, it can trigger a slew of issues, including pollution of groundwater sources and disastrous consequences for wildlife downstream. Since sewage systems do not eliminate medications, they are dumped directly into rivers, streams, and oceans.

Your nearest pharmacy will be able to dispose of them for you in a more efficient manner.

  1. Hairstyles

You may assume the hair is thin enough to wash down the drain without causing any problems. Hair is unfortunately very versatile, and it can quickly get stuck on the plug as well as in the pipes. This allows more hair to get tangled in the already tangled hair, resulting in a nasty buildup.

The following items should not be flushed:

  • Tampons and pads
  • Grease, oil, or fat
  • Bandages
  • Buts for cigarettes
  • Balls made of cotton wool

Waste from your digestive system and toilet paper are the only things that can be flushed. Anything else should be discarded in a more environmentally friendly manner.