Tire wear: What you should know about tire care, wear and tire damage

So never run out of air. Only four palms are the circulation from the car to the road. Logically, tires are a safety factor, the maltreatment resists. Here are the most important care tips regarding Walmart tire center hours .

Check tire pressure

Nothing is more important for tires and driving safety than tire pressure. Every tire loses air, so check monthly. Rule of thumb: rather too much than too little. 0.3 bar more than specified, reduce wear and consumption. Important: Add 0.3 bar again when the tires are warm.

Life profile depth and age

By law, 1.6 millimetres minimum tread depth, ideal are minimum four (winter tires) or three (summer tires) millimetres. On the tire sideways, the DOT number reveals the tire (e.g. 1914 = 19th week 2014). After ten, better already eight years swap.

Note speed limits

Check for road bumps in Germany, especially in winter tires as a precaution tire flank. There the final letter of the designation indicates how fast it is possible to drive, for example, S for 180 or H for 210 km / h. Overviews of the “speed index” are available on the Internet, for example at the TCS .

Care: Please treat well

Tires have a memory: Anyone who chases the pavement at an acute angle or kisses the curb while parking causes structural damage which cannot be seen from the outside. But also make more visual inspection; in case of damage consult a specialist dealer.

Pay attention to price: No bargains

If you only look at the money when buying, you’ll pay later. Even a good old car, which has already worn off, often brakes better than a new super-rig tire. On the other hand, more expensive does not mean better. We recommend tire tests (e.g. TCS) as well as the tire in the specialized trade.

Store correctly and protect tires

If you are storing tires, please note: Store standing without rims and turn once a month, with rims increase pressure by 0.5 bars and stack lying down. First, write in chalk where the tire was (e.g. «VL» = front left).

To extend the life of your tires

The areas of tire care and tire wear are directly related to each other. In general, tires should always be maintained or checked in order to continue to ensure road safety. If you are not regularly checked for their ability to drive, it may be that tires need to be repaired or even replaced in case of serious damage. Pay attention to the correct tread depth as well as the correct tire pressure. A regular check also contributes to extensive tire care. The tire wear is delayed, and the life of the tires is extended. This not only promotes security but also saves money.

The most common reasons for a tire change

The wear of the tires down to the minimum tread depth, the wrong application of the tires and different types of damage, are among the most common reasons for a tire change.

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